Hand Expression:  Making Your Mama-Life Easier


I'm The MilkinMama, and I'm on a mission to ensure that every breastfeeding mama knows how to hand express her breast milk.  Hand expression can be a fantastic tool for mamas looking to maximize supply, spend less time pumping, or get yourself out of a bind.   Hand expression can empower you and simplify your life.

The Milk in Mama is Her Power.



Learn Online

After teaching many mamas to hand express individually, I realized we needed a handbook to empower all mamas to learn this invaluable skill.  With Hand Expression: An Honest Guide to Making the Most of your Breast Milk, any mama can learn the basics and get started on her own!

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Learn One-on-One

Need a coach?  The MilkinMama is here to help you learn to hand express, and integrate this skill into your life.  With real-time, personalized coaching, you can find your power with the help of an expert.

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