You Are Enough

"You are enough."

Has anyone said this to you lately? Have you said it to yourself? Or, perhaps, have you heard something that's quite the opposite in your head?

These three words can hold so much power, particularly when we use them to counter the voices in our heads that say the opposite - "I'm a hot mess;" "I'm a disaster;" "I just can't win.

One of our new #gomilkyourself teachers, Stephanie, is a badass mama whose main work involves offering breastfeeding support and much-needed supplies to a historically underserved population: homeless mamas.  

Of her recent work, Stephanie says: 

"I found that telling other women who I was helping with breastfeeding that they are enough really resonated with them. They almost seemed relieved when I told them this, and that their babies were blessed to have them as their mothers. 

It's almost sad that having a stranger tell you that you are enough can bring a tear to someone's eyes. It's a wonderful thing to tell someone, and we need to say it more. Hopefully the more we spread the message, more women will believe in their journey.  We can help them see they are doing everything good enough, and less like they are failing a little bit at everything."

Stephanie's words speak to me because I KNOW that feeling - I hear these words and something inside me softens. It's almost like - somewhere deep down - I already know it, and I soak it in as fact:

I am enough.