Open. Up.

Check out this gem from Jen Sincero, author of You Are a Badass, one of the books that has MOST influenced my life lately:

"You are loved.
The Universe is totally freaking out about how awesome you are."

I, for one, am totally freaking out about how awesome THAT is.  And knowing it as truth, really *living* it - well, that's where The Awesome really starts to shake things up.

In a matter of days, my life will change significantly.  I'm making a career move, the boldest one of my life so far.  After thirteen years as a middle school teacher - my first calling, a role I've loved with every fiber of my being - I'm moving on.  I'm going to work for the biggest badass I know - my own damn self.  It's exciting stuff.  And, at times, I've felt fear creeping in.  Being a teacher, and being an adult with a steady paycheck that comes from A School, reporting to A Boss (or two), having benefits and a human resources department, going to a place outside my home for work each day - this is all I know.  I'm definitely following one of my favorite pieces of advice - "Leap, and the net will appear."

But I woke up this morning with some fear in my head.  As Elizabeth Gilbert would say, my thoughts were doing their little show-off dance.  I picked up the baby, who was grinning at me at 6 AM, plopped her in front of a new YouTube channel, and snuggled back in my bed, ready to sleep some more.  And then came The Fear.  I wondered how my family could afford to make this change.  I worried that it was going to take a long time to realize my dreams.  I felt out of control, and downright lost.  My eyelids popped open - I clearly wasn't sleeping, but I also wasn't okay with giving so much space to fear.  I got on my feet.  After first scrolling Facebook (which didn't help my state) and then chowing down on my Thai takeout leftovers (which always taste so good but never make me feel great), I did A Really Big Thing: I rolled out my yoga mat, folded down to a forward bend, and started swinging my arms from side to side, relaxing into the stretch, getting back to ME.  I moved into poses that I knew would help my full belly - some good twists, pigeon, bridge, the like.  And just a few minutes in, I noticed a shift - my left ear was opening up, as if the canal had actually grown in size.  Then one child or the other asked for something; I got it for her, and then I got back on the mat.  Soon, my right shoulder socket opened, too.  As I moved around, getting more into my body, I felt it - more things opening up.  My left ear; my right shoulder socket; my front ribs; my calves.  Even as I was interrupted by a request for applesauce or to click "Continue" on Netflix or yet another urgent need for a bandaid, I felt the opening.  And I knew what a beautiful mentor of mine once said to me:



My friends, when we find ourselves closed off to something, unable to receive the love we already have and the blessings we deserve, the next step is simple - we need to OPEN.  Open our bodies, open our hearts, open our minds.  We ARE loved - "massively, ferociously, unconditionally" - and if we open up to that love, we will be able to feel The Universe freaking out about our Awesome - to trust that there is A Plan for us - to believe that we are enough.  And opening up to these things that are already true, will help turn "enough" into "plenty."  And when we have plenty, we can give even more.

What does this mean for me, right now?  

I'm about to open up BIG TIME.  In addition to my schedule completely opening up, now that I'll be the owner of my own time, I'm beginning a new era of TheMilkinMama.  In under a month, The Inaugural #gomilkyourself Training will take place. I'm opening up my brain and my heart, sharing what I know with a very select group.  Over the course of two weekends, ten badass women will learn my method of teaching hand expression.  We will focus on methodology, sure, but more important, we will become steeped in the most important philosophies of TheMilkinMama, particularly the ideas that 1. We Are Enough; and 2. It's our responsibility as women, to teach other women, that We Are Enough. These ten incredible ladies, my first trainees - Crystal, Jessie, Sarah, Liz, Angela, Alli, Diana, Holley, Tammy, Lisa - Oh, how I love seeing their NAMES! - will then take what they learn into the world, teaching hand expression to women in their areas, supporting mamas as they strive to find freedom and power in their lives, becoming teachers of online classes and workshops on, growing this small business into an empire.  As we work together, millions of women all over the world will know the #gomilkyourself method.  Lives will be changed; hearts and minds will be opened - and heck, I guess boobs will too!  And that opening will create even more change.

When we open up, in big and small ways, we change things for ourselves, and for everyone around us.  If you *know* how "massively, ferociously, and unconditionally" loved you are, why *wouldn't* you open your heart and yourSELF to others?! This, my friends, is when we are our most awesome.  The Universe SHOULD be totally freaking out.  We deserve that - and so does everyone.