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Welcome Badass Learners!

Are you:

  • a breastfeeding mother?
  • a chestfeeding parent?
  • a human preparing to feed one or more humans with your body?
  • a person who supports any of the above people?

Do you worry about:

  • making enough milk for your baby?
  • transitioning back to work?
  • pumping?
  • not being enough, for your baby or yourself?
  • ending the nursing relationship before you or your baby are ready?

Would you like to:

  • increase your output?
  • build a freezer stash?
  • have more options?
  • supplement less?
  • gain confidence in your ability to feed your baby?
  • feel empowered?
  • stress less?

I've written this just for you.

Go Milk Yourself: The Book is a comprehensive guide to using hand expression to transform your life. It's about the milk, and it's about much more. You'll learn all of The #gomilkyourself Method, from the basics to the most specialized techniques. You'll get an inside look at my journey from the early, anxiety-filled days of my first child's life, to my present as a mother-of-two who practices self-compassion and feels empowered by feeding my children with my body, and who now serves those of you who do. You'll understand the powerful role that healing can play in the journey towards loving yourself. You'll see the connection between being good to YOU, and offering your best self to the entire world. 

Here's what people are saying about
The Go Milk Yourself Method:

"Learning hand expression from Francie changed my life and is probably the main reason that I've continued to breastfeed my baby until the age of one.” ~Faiza I.

"As a mom who will be returning to work after maternity leave, I wanted to make sure I wasn't attached to my pump in case I was ever in a situation without it. Not only did Francie teach me hand expression, but she also gave me useful information regarding how to unclog a duct." ~Sarah V.

"I'm so grateful for Francie's book and virtual workshop for teaching me how to hand express. I'm a teacher and trying to find the time and place to pump three times a day was wearing on me. Not to mention lugging the pump and all the parts around.  With Francie's help and a little practice I've been able to dump the pump. Now I hand express 2 times a day much more efficiently than pumping. So much less stress now that I know how to hand express! Thank you, Francie!" ~Timiny B.

Airport Picture.JPG

But why should you listen to me? 

I'm the CEO and Founder of TheMilkinMama, but so what? It's more important that I'm a mom who stressed about breastfeeding, found something that worked for me, and decided to share it with others. I have taught hundreds of women around the world to hand express effectively. I've helped them gain the self-confidence it takes to feed their babies, prevent and heal from breastfeeding problems, and seek out the support they need to live their best lives. I've trained an entire team of teachers in The #gomilkyourself Method, and I've developed a curriculum for birth workers who support breastfeeding parents. I'm training under a renowned lactation consultant to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I'm a teacher, a birth doula, and a mother. I know what it's like. I know you deserve more - and you can have it. 

When I set out to write this, my second book, I knew that hand expression had changed my life, and I believed it could do the same for others. Many others. All over the world.

That is exactly what has happened. And there's been a massive change in me, to boob: I've gone from a place of thinking I knew exactly what I was doing, and that there was ONE way to hand express, to a place of realizing I'm just a neophyte at this whole learning thing, and there are more ways than anyone could quantify. So now my team of MilkinMamas and I teach a menu of options in our workshops and private sessions, offering breastfeeding parents an entry point into a practice that can yield more milk, sure, but even more important, more power, more freedom, and less stress.

So what's in the book? 

Go Milk Yourself: The Book includes:

1. the most updated massage and compression techniques of The #gomilkyourself Method

2. tools to help you choose when and how to hand express

3. a format that allows you to choose which parts to read

4. resources curated specifically to support you 

5. stories to empower and inspire you

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  2. The #gomilkyourself Mix - A Spotify playlist created by our Boobsistant and Musicologist, designed to pump you up!

  3. TheMilkinMama's Handy Guide to Expressing and Storing Your Milk


The preorder for Go Milk Yourself: The Book is open for a limited time only. If you want to preorder your copy to receive it before it's available to the general public, you must order by 11:59 PM PT on Friday, June 2, 2017.  

Go Milk Yourself: The Book is so much more than the very latest of The Go Milk Yourself Method.  It's a place to find titillating stories about life that will make you think. You'll laugh, you may cry, you'll learn, you'll be inspired. You see, #gomilkyourself isn't just about getting milk out of your body - it's about finding your power and expressing it into the world. We all deserve that. 

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