I'm Francie, a working, breastfeeding mama who's passionate about empowering other breastfeeding mothers and chestfeeding parents.  When I went back to work after my first child was born, I was stressed about how to keep up supply while away from baby.  My stress was soon replaced by relief when I discovered hand expression. With practice, I became good enough at hand expression that I no longer needed a breast pump.  I was hooked - and thrilled that I didn't have to be hooked up to the pump each day!  Over time I became convinced that others would also benefit from this often-forgotten method. Soon, thanks to the support and mentorship of a renowned lactation consultant, I began to share my knowledge with others.  Since 2013, I have worked with women across the world to help them learn to hand express.  I'm also a middle school teacher, a birth doula, and I'm qualified in mommy-and-me yoga. I'm currently training to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I have trained a team of teachers to teach workshops and private sessions in The #gomilkyourself Method. I believe that when it comes to breastfeeding, taking matters into your own hands can be an empowering experience that can help you have more power, more freedom, and less stress. My mission is that every breastfeeding mama has options when it comes to expressing milk - including hand expression.  

More options = more freedom. And who doesn't want to feel more free?


Note:  The MilkinMama is not a certified lactation consultant or medical professional. I'm an IBCLC-in-training; I'm learning from an incredible mentor. Everything I know is self-taught or comes from my experience working with many mamas across the world.  I'm happy to share my knowledge, and you should also consult other trusted professionals to find what is best for you and your baby! If we feel you are in need of services outside our scope, we will refer you to a local lactation support person. None of our teaching, support, or advice should be construed as medical advice. If you have specific problems about any medical matter, consult your professional healthcare provider. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information on this website or in any of our workshops, private sessions, or publications.