Hand expression is an age-old strategy of removing milk with the pump that's built in to your badass body: your own hands. On its own or in conjunction with pumping, hand expression may help increase output and maximize supply. Even more than that, learning to hand express gives you freedom, since you can remove milk whenever you want, wherever you are. At TheMilkinMama, we use our own Go Milk Yourself Method to transform the way we view our bodies. We teach lactating parents all over the world a unique menu of massage and compression strategies that make hand expression accessible to anyone. We believe that each of us deserves more freedom, more power, and less stress, and we're here to help make that your truth, too.

You can learn to hand express on your own, just by guessing and checking. You can also learn from free in many places online.  Here at TheMilkinMama, you can learn to Go Milk Yourself from a book, a video, a workshop, or a private session. If you take a private session or workshop, you'll benefit from our long-term online support group, where you can post successes, challenges, and questions, and our community of teachers and learners will help you.  

You know yourself best; YOU get to decide how you'd like to learn, and who will be on your team in the short- and long-term. 

Thank you for being here!