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The backstory: In March of 2016, a photo (taken by my husband) of me giving birth to my daughter by myself on my bed went viral. To celebrate her first birthday, I posted it to a private, closed group on Facebook dedicated to talking about childbirth, NYC Birth. It was reported for violating Facebook's community standards, so it was removed, and I was blocked from Facebook. New York Magazine contacted me to tell the story and publish the photo, and after careful consideration, my husband and I agreed. Publications around the world picked up the photo, and it has been seen and written about in the US, the UK, Australia, Italy, Latin America, South America, Israel, and Taiwan. Soon after, I shared the much longer, more meaningful story behind my birth with an incredible mama reporter. You see, my experience of my birth was directly connected to a major trauma I experienced as a teen. I believe healing from that tragedy was the reason I was able to birth my baby by myself. As my story got out, word about TheMilkinMama spread and publications began writing about my mission to make hand expression easier for mamas around the world.

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