In-person workshops are our absolute favorite way to connect with other #badass women.  In these workshops, we'll take the time to teach some bigger ideas that are at the core of TheMilkinMama's mission:  the importance of our own stories, the sharing of experiences that lead each of us to crave and then seek out power and freedom in our mama-lives.  We'll do a deep-dive into the techniques of the #gomilkyourself method, starting with the basics and exploring some more specialized moves that can help you become an effective and empowered hand expresser. Workshops are typically held in mamas' homes, birth and breastfeeding stores, or other spaces dedicated to women and wellness.  We share snacks, drinks, ideas, company, and general badassery.  We currently offer workshops for mamas; in Fall 2016, we'll be offering workshops to doulas and other support persons as well.  

We're pumped to be able to offer workshops in a number of locations across the country, including:

New York City
Long Island
The Hudson Valley
New Jersey
Fairfield County, CT
Los Angeles
The San Fernando Valley
Orange County, CA

Please contact us to host a workshop or to inquire about one in your area!