In the years since I began spreading the word about hand expression, I've encountered so many women who want to do what I've done:  take what they've learned, and share it with others.  I believe that all breastfeeding mamas deserve to have more power and freedom, and I've seen how the #gomilkyourself method can change so many lives.  In July 2016, The Inaugural #gomilkyourself Teacher Training ushered the first round of #badass teachers into our fold. These ten women will soon begin serving mamas in their own communities, teaching workshops and private sessions, and continuing to spread the news of our work. In October 2016, we added six more teachers to our organization, and we are off and running with a full team of experts to help empower women with our method.

Trainings are offered twice a year.  Women all over the world are invited to join our team of teachers by claiming a spot in a training.  Check back to find out when the 2017 teacher trainings will be!